Bread with olives

Bread with olives

recette pains olives

Recipe info

Preparation time: 60min

Cooking time: 30min


11 g of Instant dry yeast Saf-Instant
500 g of flour
280 ml of water
30 ml of olive oil
10 g of salt
10 g of powder sugar
100 g of black olives without stones


Mix flour, water, salt, yeast and sugar. Add olive oil slowly to the mixture and knead until it becomes homogeneous, glossy, and non-sticking dough. Cover the dough with a damp cloth and let it rest for 20 min. 

Cut the dough into two same pieces and roll out each of them with a roller to a square shape. Sprinkle the chopped olives onto the rolled dough. 

Roll the dough with the olives inside and put the rolls on a fatted form or plate. Cover them with a moist cloth and let them rest for 1 hour. 

Before putting into the oven, cut the top of the dough rolls with a knife at 2 – 3 places. Bake for 20 min. at 240°C in the oven.

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