Chocolate dips brioche

Chocolate dips brioche

recettes brioche pepite

Recipe info

Preparation time: 2h30

Cooking time: 30min


2 tsp of Saf-Instant yeast
500 g of flour
4 tbsp of sugar
100 g of butter
2 eggs + 1 egg for coating
200 ml of warm milk
1 tsp of salt
150 g of chocolate dips


In a mixing bowl, combine the flour, sugar, salt, eggs and the Saf-Instant yeast, gradually adding the warm milk until the mixture forms a soft, consistent dough.

Incorporate the chocolate dips and softened butter, kneading until they are well combined. Leave the dough to rise.

Knead again and leave to rise for another hour in a warm place.

Knead the dough a final time and divide into six equal-sized balls.

Place the dough balls in a greased tin or on a baking tray depending on the desired shape.

Using a pastry brush, coat the brioche with the beaten egg and leave to rest for 1 h, covered with a clean tea towel.

Coat the brioche again with the egg and bake in the oven for 30 mins at 240°C.

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