Fruit brioche

Fruit brioche

recette brioches fruits

Recipe info

Preparation time: 4h10

Cooking time: 30min


6 g of salt
180 ml of milk
55 g of sugar
450 g of flour
90 g of butter
2 eggs
11 g of Saf-Instant yeast


In a bowl, mix the flour, the salt, the sugar, the butter and the eggs. 

Incorporate the quick-rising yeast into the milk and pour into the bowl. 

Blend with a spatula until the dough becomes smooth and finish kneading with a rolling pin. 

Shape a ball with the dough, put it back into the bowl and cover with a damp cloth. Leave to rest for 90 minutes in a warm place. 

Take the ball, dividing it into equal portions of around 350 g that you must let rise for 10 minutes under cover. Make small balls, flatten them, so as to obtain a pie crust shape. Before putting into the oven, place the fruits on the brioche, pressing them firmly into the dough. Put them onto the baking tray and leave to rest for 2 hours under cover. 

Cook the balls in an oven preheated at 180°C, cooking them for 30 minutes. 

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