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The best yeasts and the services best suited to support you professionally and help you meet your daily challenges!

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SAF-INSTANT, The Original since 1973

saf performance

Ultra-high-performance YEAST

A new yeast offering even greater performance guaranteeing increased fermentation power and optimum bread quality.

packaging saw instant

Connected packaging

New packaging providing more information with its QR Code, enabling you access to help, inspiration and advice.

saf idées

Ideas and advice

A selection of articles, recipes and advice to help you as a professional baker. In your pocket and accessible 24/7.

Selecting the yeast

best suited to your needs

Saf-instant provides you with access to a range of ultra-high-performance yeasts,
suited to your professional requirements and development ambitions.

saf-instant 500grSAF-INSTANT Red 500 g

Instant dry yeast specifically developed for doughs containing little or no sugar: 0-10% sugar by flour weight.

saf-instant-gold-500grSAF-INSTANT Gold 500 g

Instant dry yeast specifically developed for sweet doughs containing: from 5% sugar by flour weight.

saf-instant general publicSAF-INSTANT Home Baking

Formats suited to breadmaking at home and delighting family and friends!

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