Over the years, Saf-instant has become a brand which is well known, recognised and appreciated all over the world and is now the leading product in the international dried yeast market. Thousands of bakers, with vastly different backgrounds, culture and areas of expertise, have relied on Saf-instant for generations.
Its image is of a brand that is authentic, unique and innovative.


Unique “The infallible and reliable yeast”

Unique : Whatever the type of bread or production method, Saf-instant offers superior fermenting power and great stability. As such, it guarantees optimum bread quality almost every time.
Created by experts at Lesaffre, Saf-instant yeast is manfactured in ultra-modern production units that ensure homogenous quality. Production processes are environmentally-friendly, and guarantee unrivalled food safety.


Ingredients: yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae); sorbitan monostearate (emulsifier E491 – vegetable origin)

Authentic “The benchmark brand”

Authentic “The benchmark brand”

The first instant dry yeast in the market, Saf-instant very quickly revolutionised the baking profession by offering a high quality yeast accessible to all, even in the most difficult bread-making environments.
Saf-instant is now the most widely available brand worldwide. It is also the highly accessible to bakers, thanks to a network of particularly dynamic and committed wholesalers. Not by chance is Saf-instant now the baking profession’s brand of choice.

Saf-Instant range

A complete offer

Saf-instant red

Saf-instant Red is an instant dried yeast that has been specially developed for use with lean or low sugar dough (0 to 10% sugar by flour content).


Saf-instant Gold is an instant dried yeast that has been specially developed for use with high sugar dough (over 5% sugar by flour content).

Public consumer range

Saf-instant Red and Gold yeast products are intended for a wide range of recipe types : bread, brioche, pizza, etc. All are easy to use and ensure excellent results.


Innovative, “The brand that offers more”. Research has always been one of Lesaffre’s top priorities, and Saf-instant benefits from the very latest advances in strain selection, processing and packaging. Saf-instant continually enhances the performance of its yeasts and tailors its offering to changing markets: baking techniques, equipment, consumer convenience.
Bakers’ conventions and demonstration sessions organised across the world promote innovation by enabling information to be shared and exchanged.

1973 – 2013
Serving bakers across the world for forty years.

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A 40-year history
Saf-instant is forty years old, and as committed to bakers as it ever was !


Saf-instant. The Original
Authentic, unique and innovative, Saf-instant invites you to climb aboard its hot air balloon: an international advertising campaign for a brand that has close ties with bakers everywhere.


Everyday life with Saf-instant
More than a product, it’s a lifestyle: a fashion show in China, hand bag in Japan…
View life through Saf-instant Red-tinted glasses !


Enhanced advertising
Creative and surprising, the Saf-instant advertising campaigns are always appreciated from bakers, as here in the United States.


Yeast in space
Saf-instant played its part in the second Franco-Soviet space mission, to create a bread that met the specifications of the Soyuz mission.


A makeover for Saf-instant
The Saf-instant baker, now an international icon, known and respected across the world, was given an updated look.


The general public discovers Saf-instant
Since this time, household bakers have been able to enjoy the benefits of professional bakers’ yeast of choice : professional quality for all !


Moving into Asia
Saf-instant yeast was first sold in Japan, Singapore and Indonesia, before conquering markets across the rest of Asia. In Sri Lanka, boxes of Saf-instant were even delivered by elephant !


Saf-instant Gold
A global première: the launch of a Saf-instant yeast that was specially designed for sweet dough. The “”Gold Label”” was born, and is still going strong !


Inroads into Africa
Its vacuum-packed sachets mean that Saf-instant is ideally suited to extreme climates. It rapidly conquered numerous faraway markets…


A new-generation yeast product
Lesaffre was the first to market an instant dried yeast product.
It was highly effective and easy to use, comprising dehydrated noodles that could be added directly into the dough mixer.

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Saf-instant dry yeast is an animal-free product

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