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Saf-instant Plus 2in1


Saf-instant® Plus is a 2-in-1 yeast which combines the efficiency of a high performance instant dry yeast to an appropriate bread improver.

Thus Saf-instant® Plus offers the guaranteed quality and consistency you need into one single product.


IMproves dough tolerance and shaping

Thanks to the combined properties of the yeast and the bread improver, Saf-instant® Plus allows an optimized work of the dough and improves its tolerance.


INCREASES VOLUME for optimum result

With Saf-instant® Plus, the appearance of the finished product is improved. Depending on solutions, the loaves are larger, their shape is more regular, with a better golden colour, and their crumb is softer.

saf instant

makes baker’s job easier

Thanks to Saf-instant® Plus, bakers can now use one single ingredient and get the same result. A real time-saver and efficiency improver.

saf-instant plus yeast

Choose the most suitable

yeast for your needs


Saf-instant® 2in1 gives you access to a range of high-performance yeasts,
adapted to your professional situation and your development desires.

saf-instant 2in1 Red 500grSAF-INSTANT® 2in1 Red 500g

For lean doughs – 0 to 10% sugar by weight of flour.

saf-instant-gold-2in1-500grSAF-INSTANT® 2in1 Gold 500g

For sweet doughs – from 5% sugar by weight of flour.

saf-instant 500grSAF-INSTANT® The Original

Discover our “The Original” range for high-performance yeasts.

saf instant plus 2 in 1

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